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Functioning of digital thermostat

(Note that the appearance of the IP box varies, but the function described is the same)

Digital thermostat settings and thermostat errors can cause the heater to not function. Below is a description of the function and possible causes of disturbances and how thermostat errors can be temporarily resolved.

  • If there is a digital thermostat and the temperature falls below the set temperature, the temperature sensor should detect this and a small red dot should then light up in the upper left corner of the digital thermostat's display as a sign that it is giving out power to the heater.



  • If the dot is not visible, the settings in the digital thermostat must be checked. Make sure parameter HC is set to H and go through the others and make sure they follow what is described in the instructions. See also this video! If it still doesn't work (small red dot in the top left corner doesn't light up), then the thermostat may be faulty, although this is unusual.

According to the instructions, the knob on the mechanical thermostat must always be set to the maximum position if a digital thermostat is used. The function can be checked by turning the thermostat knob between minimum and maximum. If a faint click is then heard, the thermostat is OK. If no click is heard, the thermostat may be out of order and needs to be replaced. BUT, if there is also a digital thermostat, the heater's own thermostat is not needed and it can be bypassed.


Explanation of connections for digital thermostat

  1. Behind 1-2 there is a relay that controls power to the heater. To the relay, power (L) comes to 2 from 5 and when switched on (the sensor gives a signal), power goes to 1. To 1, brown (L) from the heater is connected.


    2.jpg 3.jpg

Connect power directly to heater.

  1. Disconnect L (1) and 2 from Wago couplings. Then connect L (1) from heater directly to connector where 2 was removed. Now the heater must receive power directly and then the temperature is controlled via the thermostat with a knob.



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