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Igniter and ignition fuse

Here it is shown how the left and right igniter (flame protection removed) gives a spark immediately at start-up. Igniters  need to be cleaned at least once a year. This can be done by scraping/polishing the outermost tip.

Ignition fuse for the gas burner

The ignition fuse that can be seen in the middle has the task of ensuring that the gas that flows out of the burner also burns. If there is not enough fire, or not at all, the gas supply is shut off. In the video here; it burns weakly where the ignition fuse is and this causes the gas supply to be shut off and everything goes out. In this case, the burner and in some cases nozzles must be cleaned.

This is most easily done by using compressed air and blowing into the burner above where the flame burns weakly or not at all. A compressed air can also be used. First remove the flame guard in front of the burner by removing the screws on the left and right. Also blow on the brass nozzles directly below where the burner is to be cleaned.

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