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Common purchase- / delivery- and warranty conditions

Terms of payment

Terms of payment can vary and the buyer who has been granted credit has time to make the payment according to a separate agreement. If the payment is not made at the agreed time, the seller has the right to charge interest on the overdue payment. Continuous overdue payments can lead to recovery and costs incurred. Delivered goods will remain the seller's property until full payment has been made by the buyer.

Terms of delivery and packing

All deliveries are made ex works Korsnäs if nothing else has been agreed upon. In some cases, costs for packing are added on.

Delivery times

Normally products available in the store are delivered within 7 working days from order. Delivery times for other ordered goods are according to agreement. No part-deliveries are made without a separate agreement on this.

Advance orders

The seller and buyer can agree that certain goods are delivered at a certain time that is different to the normal delivery time. If this time is longer than 4 weeks, the buyer must every started new month pay 10% of the agreed sum to the account given by the seller when the product is ordered. The seller is then guaranteeing that the agreed price is valid. Even if the seller tries to meet the customer's wishes according to the day of delivery, it is the buyer's responsibility to check that this plan can be followed. The buyer shall then contact the seller at least one week before the expected delivery date. If the buyer would like to move the delivery day forward or backwards, the same conditions should be fulfilled.


If a delay occurs for the buyer to receive the goods at the agreed delivery date, the goods are deemed to have been delivered - provided it is ready for delivery - and the invoice can be made according to normal terms of payment. However, the seller has the obligation to store the goods if he has space for them. Compensation for this is a reasonable sum agreed upon between the seller and buyer. The seller is not responsible for any potential damage risk on the goods during the time it is stored for the buyer.

Transportation responsibility

The haulage firm is responsible for the goods until it has reached the buyer's delivery address according to the responsibility definitions of the haulage firm. Potential transport damage or missing goods, if this has been observed, is noted on the consignment note before receiving the goods. The haulage firm and the seller must be informed within 7 days.


All claims concerning delivery must be made within 7 days after the arrival of the goods. Claims in writing must be made to with information on the order number or invoice number. Claims must be approved by the seller (in writing).

Return of goods

Returns approved by the seller must be returned to the seller's address and the freight must be paid by the buyer. On condition that the goods are returned unused and in perfect condition, they will be credited to their full value. Before returning goods, a return number for the consignment must be agreed upon with the seller. At our home page you will find a return form (RPP-form), which must be filled in and enclosed with the returned goods. Also mark the goods with the return number. The seller should under no circumstances have to pay for receiving returned goods.

Prices and export

The prices can be seen in the price list and cover orders made for delivery up to the next price adjustment time. Prices to end customers within the EU include VAT unless otherwise stated. Other possible taxes or fees, extra export packaging, customs costs, insurance, landing fees, documentation or similar costs are not included. If an event of a force majeure nature occurs, errors in deliveries from subcontractors, changes in the currency situation, etc. that affect the agreed upon prices and the delivery schedule, the prices on the delivery day are in force and the seller informs the buyer so that the buyer will have an opportunity to cancel the purchase. For parcel delivery, these go to the nearest delivery point.


If freight by truck is included in the purchase, this applies to the mainland with a road connection where a truck with a tail lift (not a crane) can reach. Unloading or other additional costs, the customer will be charged for those by SpaDealers afterwards if no other agreement is existent.


Assembly costs include that the product will be assembled as much as possible in advance. Still, on-site installation of electric,water and similar things cannot be done in advance and therefore are those not included in the assembly costs.


Any potential disputes between the buyer and seller concerning the delivery, do not free the buyer from his responsibility to pay according to the agreement. Potential disputes should be handled by arbitrators or a court under Finnish law if it is not contrary to any consumer law which the customer is entitled to plead.

Provisio clause

We reserve the right to change constructions, dimensions and designations concerning the seller's products without previous notice. We make a reservation against potential printer errors.

Retuned products must be well packed. SpaDealers won't refund damage caused by bad/wrong packing.

General warranty for SpaDealers products

The seller guarantees that goods delivered to the first buyer have 2 years warranty against material and manufacturing faults counted from the delivery date.

Warranty 2 years

-control system and pumps

The warranty covers technical defects due to material and/or manufacturing defects.

-pipe, bubble system, massage system

The warranty covers leakage, material and/or manufacturing defects on hoses, nozzles and control system. - filtration / ozone / UV-cleaning

The warranty covers material and/or manufacturing defects. Changeable filters or ozone cartridges/UV lamps are not included in the warranty.

- underwater lighting including transformer

The warranty does not cover lamps and other light sources that can break under normal use.

- insulated lids made of artificial leather

The warranty includes material and manufacturing faults. Possible colour changes caused by UV-radiation are not included in the warranty

NOTE! Divergent from the text above, the warranty period for products in commercial use is 6 months.

What the warranty does not cover

The warranty does not cover damage that is a result of careless use, secondary damage caused by careless use, incorrect installation carried out by the buyer or someone the buyer hired, product modifications, and weather or electric phenomena beyond our control. Whenever possible, it is the owner's responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent damage either from occurring or worsening. The warranty does not include any eventual defects that are typical for wooden products. This includes moisture expansion, colour changes, cracks etc. which the owner can control by carrying out the correct maintenance. Eg crack in a knot causing moisture in the material and lead to damage to the joints and coated surfaces should be corrected without delay in order not to aggravate the damage. Such things are not covered by warranty.

Possible freezing damage that occurs after delivery is not included in the warranty. It is always the user who must prevent freezing damage from occurring. This is in force both before and after installation.


The responsibility lies with the person doing the assembly and it is his responsibility to ensure that the assembly complies with our directive. We can not be responsible for problems resulting from incorrect assembly done by another party.


The warranty does not include problems caused by misuse of chemicals. The buyer should follow the given recommendations, and in unclear cases he should ask the seller for advice.

Repair kit

The use of products having a coated surface, such as Exclusive, Prestige, Aqua King, Aqua Star, situations can arise that require repair. Carefully read the specific instructions included with the repair kit before any repair is made. In case of doubt, please contact the seller. 

Warranty actions and costs

No costs are incurred for work and parts covered by the warranty. Please note that the customer must always inform the seller of suspected warranty defects in the first place before calling for service. This action is to be able to determine what needs to be done and then also send any warranty part in advance to have the service carried out quickly in a professional manner. Any repairs can either take place on site or at the supplier. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the product is accessible to the serviceman.

If the hot tub is built into for instance, a deck, the construction shall be made so that there is always free access around the whole hot tub in order to ensure access for service. Alternatively the bath should be raised to ensure access. The outer panel and any insulation must be removable without problems. Time used for demounting and remounting of the deck, for example, is debited according to a separate rate. If it is a question of measures that do not require specialist skills, it can be fixed through "telephone support" or in another similar way. The buyer must accept such a way of working, since it is based on the seller's experience of repairs. If the seller requires information, for example pictures, to make it easier to analyze a situation, then the buyer should provide this.

The seller's responsibility is limited to delivery of new goods, repair or certain refund of the purchase-sum according to the seller's choice. The seller cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage, secondary damage or loss for the buyer.

Invoicing/crediting of warranty part

The seller must be given the opportunity to control a notified warranty matter. The buyer must then follow the directives given by the seller. If it is a question of a part that has been changed before the seller has had an opportunity to control this part, invoicing can be made as if it was a normal purchase. When the damage has been estimated and if a warranty fault has been noted, a credit invoice must be made immediately by the seller.


In the warranty directives above, the buyer is the one who is invoiced for the product and the seller the one who sends the invoice. If the purchase has been made through a retailer, it is the retailer who has a warranty responsibility towards his end customer. In such a case, SpaDealers has a secondary responsibility towards their retailer. Beyond what has been explained, the buyer also has certain rights under the law and the warranty described here does not limit these rights.


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