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Pump leaking water / Change of shaft seal

If water leaks under the pump, it may be the shaft seal that needs to be replaced. In such cases, the shaft seal can also cause noiseATTENTION! A noise from the shaft seal is often temporary, but if it continues, the shaft seal can be replaced. See procedure below. Pictures show a pump that is not installed in a spa, but the procedure is the same.

  1. Close valves on both sides of the pump. Also valve for UV-C cleaner if there is one.
  2. Loosen the lower nut that goes into the pump cover end.
  3. Then open 5 screws in the pump cover end.
  4. Place a narrow screwdriver in the gap between the pump end and the pump housing and break a little. It may need to be done in a couple of places, second picture.


  5. When the cover end has been detached, insert a narrow screwdriver in the middle of the rear part of the pump, second picture and unscrew the pump wheel (impeller) by turning left.

    WP_20170614_09_56_04_Pro.jpg WP_20170614_09_56_17_Pro.jpgWP_20170614_09_56_44_Pro.jpg 

  6. Loosen the inner shaft seal with a flat screwdriver under the "plate edge" from 2 directions.
    WP_20170614_09_56_52_Pro.jpg WP_20170614_09_57_04_Pro.jpgWP_20170614_09_57_15_Pro.jpgWP_20170614_09_57_27_Pro.jpg
  7. Install new seal, press in with flat screwdriver or socket (32 mm is used here).

    WP_20170614_09_58_01_Pro.jpgWP_20170614_09_59_22_Pro.jpg WP_20170614_09_59_38_Pro.jpg

  8. Take a narrow screwdriver and loosen the seal in the impeller and put a new one there. See the last 2 pictures! TIP! Put some silicone spray or cooking oil in the hole and on the rubber for the seal and it will be easier to push it down into the hole.

    9.jpg 10.jpg

  9. Screw the impeller to the bottom (it locks itself when the pump starts, so it doesn't have to be pulled so hard).
  10. Connect pump cover end (adjust and tighten with screw).
  11. Connect white nuts, open valves and start.

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