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Energy consumption and power saving tips for spas

TopSpa XS tested in Korsnäs 01.01 - 01.09.2022

Nobody has been able to avoid hearing and reading about the increasing electricity costs that in one way or another affect us all. Nobody knows for sure what the future will bring or how electricity prices will develop. For now it looks like it won't get any cheaper, so most of us have reason to consider our electricity consumption and what we should prioritize. We here at SpaDealers want to help by informing you about our products that run on electricity to help you save energy.

How much energy does my spa use?

During 2022, SpaDealers has measured the energy consumption of our spa model, TopSpa XS, over the course of the year and compiled reports with electricity consumption as well as cost estimates with different electricity prices. You can download the report here in .pdf format.

How can I save energy?

  1. Lower the temperature

    If you bathe only during weekends, the water temperature can be lowered to 10-15 degrees when you leave the bath on Sunday. If the temperature is adjusted upward again on Thursday night, it will be ready for use again on Friday. Expect then that filtration during the time the bath does not heat the water will take approx. 1.5 kWh/day (approx. 6 kWh Monday-Thursday). If the water temperature drops by 3 degrees/day (average over the year if the heating is disconnected), it is necessary 6-8 hours of heating time, which then corresponds to 22 kWh or a total of 28 kWh including filtration and heating.

  2. Combine heating with propane

    Our universal gas heater fits all types of hot tubs and spas
    Our product range includes a portable gas heater that can also be used for heating water in hot tub. Heating the water (1000-1200 liters) from 10 – 37 °C takes 2 hours and gas consumption 3.2 kg (cost approx. €10). Since the heater is easy to move, weight 10 kg, this is an easy way to quickly heat larger quantities of water.

  3. Combine heating with a wood fired heater

    TopSpa XS can be combined with a 25 kW wood heater
    For those who have cheap firewood available, heating with firewood can be an economical method. At the same time, you also have access to the comfortable electric heating and efficient filtration. Both TopSpa XS and our Polar models can be combined with wood heating.

  4. Drain the spa during the winter

    If you decide not to use the spa at all, draining it completely is a solution that can be considered. Our spas, unlike most others, have been designed and constructed so that they can be drained even in winter. If attempting this, it's important to follow the proper instructions.

Draining of spas

If you have decided to drain your spa, it is important to follow the instructions.

Before starting to drain your spa, it is recommended to clean the pipe system and remove any biofilm layers which provides a breeding ground for bacteria. As an example, a product like "Pipe Cleaner" can be used. Similar products are available under many different names in well-stocked spa shops. In that case, follow the instructions on how to use it before emptying begins.


Instructions for draining TopSpa XS

  1. Open the valves 1A, 1B, 2, 3 and drain the water in the usual way via the drain part in the lower left corner of the technical box.
  2. When the water has drained out, the air pump is started and runs for approx. 10 seconds to push out water that may be in air lines and valves.
  3. Then open nut 4 on valve to the UV-C cleaner (if available). Take care of the o-ring that is under nut 4.
  4. Open nut 5 to the UV-C (if available). Loosen the black rubber cover to the UV-C lamp and disconnect the power connection to lamp which can then be lifted out of the protective tube for the UV-C cleaner. Be careful not to let the lamp fall down, otherwise it can easily be broken.
  5. Loosen nuts 6 and 8 that hold the filter and then lift off the entire filter holder including the connecting pipe. Drain any water that remains there and store it indoors. ATTENTION! Remember to also clean the filter cartridge and filter balls depending on what is used.
  6. Under white nut 6 which was loosened earlier, there is a drainage screw for the circulation pump which is also unscrewed. Save the screw where it can easily be found when the bath is ready to be put back into use.
  7. As a last measure, it can also be good to pull a tarp over the spa in case it doesn't hold tight from rain.

The instructions apply to the TopSpa XS with the Emaux filter system shown in the image above. If you have an older model with a filter tank, the procedure is the same.

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