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Effekt och gastrycket

During heating a cover is absolutely recommended. Without a cover the heat losses are highly dependent on the outside temperature. To remember when heating where gas is used, the energy content of 1 kg of gas is approx. 14 kWh. When the heater is running at maximum, gas consumption is 1.6 kg or approx. 22 kWh and about 90% efficiency. To heat 1200 liters of water from 6 -37 degrees will require approx. 50 kWh and will require 2½ hours of heating time.

If there there is frost on the bottle that shows that the gas is getting cold and it is mainly be due to two things if all controls are set to MAX position.

  1. The amount of gas supplied by the reducer is insuffient for the heaters needs and this may be due to the reducer itself. Do you know what the reducer is rated for? This leads to long heating and that the gas in the bottle evaporates more slowly and it gives a cooling effect. Therefore, use a low-pressure reducer marked 30mbar and 2kg/h.

  2. If the weather is cold, the gas itself will become cold and this lowers the pressure in the bottle and affects the gas flow negatively. In a steel bottle (filled with higher gas pressure), the gas evaporates better than in a composite bottle and is therefore preferable in cold weather.

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